“Amazing effort and truly real work bestowed here” : FP

“I want to thank my Angel Mother, Mona, for the positive results from the Rei-Flexology sessions I received. You helped me understand how earlier life experiences have been negatively affecting me in the present. You also instructed me regarding the useful concept that I describe as “listening to my inner voice”. The results have been quite fulfilling to me. From Angel Card readings to hives to numbers, go get it all at this amazing being, I did. BIG LOVE” : Adre

“When I met this amazing healer I was broken, I had lost my teenage son in the most horrible way, my relationship was a disaster, I never though I could survive. I didn’t want to live and had no will to go on. Mona worked with me and guided me through my mess. I am now living life and looking forward to a happy future. I could not have done this without this amazing healers help” : Vikki

“My angel mother Mona, without you my life would still be an absolute mess!! I have no hesitation in saying that I owe my current calm and happiness to Mona’s guidance. She has lifted the shortsighted blinkers from my eyes and introduced me to path of my future. I had issues, bitterness and no belief. My world now is positive, calm and happy, I embrace the angels as they embrace me. I have found an inner me that had been hidden for far too long. Thank you for your guidance and constant support, particularly in the early days when my bitterness was so raw” : Marc

“A warm heartfelt thanks to Mona, I had the most amazing experience with this treatment. Thank you” : Shazia