The first time Mona assisted our family as a Death Doula, was when my husband Ron, was suffering from a fatal illness. He had a rare form of bone marrow cancer and was also diagnosed with MND. It was such a difficult time for my family. My husband was a strong patriarch to our family. It was hard for all those that loved him to see him suffer so and it largely affected our capacity to care for him, so overcome with emotion. Thankfully Mona was able to help us attend to him and was there to the very end, knowing exactly what to do to offer physical comfort for Ron and emotional comfort for us – his wife and daughters. Once he passed, there was such a chaos of emotion and loss. Mona helped us take care of all the almost outrageous admin that comes following death . Her compassion and understanding grief is beyond amazing. She also helped prepare Ron’s body for burial, arranging his body to appear restful and peaceful instead of still contorted in pain. Her skill in creating a beautiful atmosphere in his last hours made the experience of crossing over not only easier for him and for us, his family, but beautiful too. Our family bond was greatly strengthened in those final hours.

The second time Mona assisted our family as a Death Doula, was when my mother at age 91 fell ill with pneumonia, we knew her frail body would not recover. Mona spent days making her as comfortable as possible: playing peaceful music, creating a low, warm light atmosphere to comfort her. She helped us to care for her, teaching us how best to hydrate and feed her, to her comfort and to not over-do what we might think is best.

She helped all her loved ones see her and bid their farewells. The glorious atmosphere in her room made her seem like an angel and elevated the presence beyond the veil as she saw her angels waiting for her beyond her bedroom window. Who knew that death could be as spiritual and painful and joyous experience as birth. Mona truly understands the significance of this.
Susan Hollander

I want to thank my Angel Mother, Mona, for the positive results from the Reiflexology sessions I received. You helped me understand how earlier life experiences have been negatively affecting me in the present. You also instructed me regarding the useful concept that I describe as “listening to my inner voice”. The results have been quite fulfilling to me. From Angel Card readings to hives to numbers, go get it all at this amazing being, I did. BIG LOVE”

When I met this amazing healer I was broken, I had lost my teenage son in the most horrible way, my relationship was a disaster, I never though I could survive. I didn’t want to live and had no will to go on. Mona worked with me and guided me through my mess. I am now living life and looking forward to a happy future. I could not have done this without this amazing healers help”

“My angel mother Mona, without you my life would still be an absolute mess!! I have no hesitation in saying that I owe my current calm and happiness to Mona’s guidance. She has lifted the shortsighted blinkers from my eyes and introduced me to path of my future. I had issues, bitterness and no belief. My world now is positive, calm and happy, I embrace the angels as they embrace me. I have found an inner me that had been hidden for far too long. Thank you for your guidance and constant support, particularly in the early days when my bitterness was so raw”

“A warm heartfelt thanks to Mona, I had the most amazing experience with this treatment. Thank you”

“Amazing effort and truly real work bestowed here”

“This is a much needed modality – Mona has a gentle, caring energy.”