Module 2 – Death Doula Intermediate Course


Module 2 is the intermediate course for the Certified Death Doula Course. The table of contents for this course can be found under the Death Doula Certification course tab.



In the Intermediate Course the student will gain further insight into becoming a Death Doula. Information regarding the birth of a Death Doula, how Death Doulas will change how we are coping with end-of-life care, how to address the family members or patient that you are caring for, end of life diseases and emotional support, keeping the dying in mind, accepting death, attitudes towards dying, supportive therapies for the dying, support for children in the family and nursing the dying body, will further enhance the student’s understanding. Once the assignments have been submitted and graded the student will then be able to register for the final course, which is the Certification Death Doula Course.


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