Module 3 – Death Doula Certification Course


Module Three is the certification course for the Certified Death Doula Course. The table of contents for this course can be found under the Death Doula Certification course tab.



In the final module which is the Certification Death Doula Course the student will be introduced to palliative care, practical home care, physiological and spiritual aspects of dying, cultural considerations at the end of life, end-of-life ethics, what is meant by a good death, planning for the end, comfort and compassion at the end of life, Death Doula and patient boundaries, the doula bag and the suggested contents thereof and sitting vigil at the deathbed. Once the student has successfully completed the assignment they will be rewarded with a certificate as a Certified Death Doula and have the opportunity to list their services with Sacred Dying South Africa – Embracing The End Of Life or work as an independent professional within their community.


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