Module 1: End-of-Life (Death) Doula Introductory Course


Module One is the introductory course for the End-of-Life (Death) Doula Certification Course. The table of contents for this course can be found under the Death Doula Certification course tab.



In the Introductory Course the student will learn about the basic principles of becoming a Death Doula. The content of the course also includes information such as what is a Death Doula and what do they do, information regarding the South African Medical Association (SAMA), how to create a sacred space for the dying, learn how to communicate about death, coping mechanisms when working with someone that is dying, how to cope with terminal illness, how to provide comfort at the end of life, spiritual support and other practical tasks at the end of life, the dying process and signs when death is near. The content of module one is concise and comprehensive, preparing the student for the Introductory Course. The student is required to complete this module and submit the assignment and multiple choice exam, before moving on to the Intermediate Course.


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