Combination Treatment

Combination Treatment

“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy.”
 ~Bella Bleue~

During the Sole-2-Soul Therapy treatment, each system of the body is stimulated, with the emphasis being placed on the central nervous system, the endocrine glands, the lymphatic and the excretory reflexes. Since dis-ease and illness are psychosomatic and stress related, total healing can only take place with a change of attitude, which is easier when relaxed and at ease. Sole-2-Soul Therapy relaxes the physical body, eases the mind and relaxes the soul.

Before proceeding with the  treatment, the client’s etheric field is scanned in order to attune to their energy field. During this time an assessment is made regarding the use of complimentary therapies such as colour therapy and crystal healing, which may be included to bring the client back into a state of balance. The assessment helps to recognize where imbalances are within the energy field of the client.

Energy healing is the projection of specific or general energies to correct imbalances. This may include directing energy through specific chakras and the physiological systems. It may also include sending general healing vibrations throughout the body. Each treatment is unique and differs according to the specific needs of the client.

Chi (which is the universal life-force energy that flows through meridians), circulates through the body along well-established channels that join points of energy. The patterns of these channels are called meridians. Meridians are closely associated with nerve pathways of the autonomic nervous system, which in turn is linked to every organ of the body. A healthy body depends upon maintaining all of these energy channels and their free flow.

The primary concept of energy healing is polarity. All energy is governed by three polarities: positive/electrical (yang), the negative/magnetic (yin) and the neutral. That which is referred to as yin and yang are the electromagnetic polarities within the body that are intimately entwined. How these charges interact within our system determines how well the body functions and how we operate on a day-today basis.

Should it be determined that colour should be introduced into the client’s energy field the coloured scarves will be placed over the chakras or energy centers that are in need of additional healing.

Crystals can be very powerful and are very sensitive. Crystals, like all things, have an energy field – aura – and their different energies can be used to balance/enhance our own body’s energies. As with many natural therapies, crystals have been used as a healing aid for centuries. Crystal energy, as colour energy, can help to awaken our awareness, not just of the physical imbalance or dis-ease, but awareness of the psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves.