Angel Names & Their Healing Power

Angel Names & Their Healing Power

The virtue of angels is that they cannot deteriorate;
their flaw is that they cannot improve.
Man’s flaw is that he can deteriorate;
and his virtue is that he can improve.
~The Talmud~

Here is a selection of named angels to help you. Whilst it is good to be able to sound an angelic name and to chant it, it is also important not to tie ourselves to a rigid system of correspondences, or think in terms of cataloging when we consider working with angels. The named angels given are ready to lend their support in specific circumstances, but again, we must remind ourselves not to think in terms of limitation. Each angel encompasses both genders, so when you call on the named angels, they will attend you in the gender which most suits the healing operation they undertake. Remember, it must be stressed that there is no need to call on specifically named angels if you prefer not to. You can always invoke the angels of peace, the angels of compassion, the angels of courage, etc.


Call on this angel in the treatment of children and the inner child residing within each one of us. Afriel imparts your and vitality and reminds us that old age is actually nothing more than a thought-form to which we subscribe. Afriel brings rejuvenation and vigour to our physical and subtle bodies.


The Angel of Memory. Pray to this luminary when a memory needs sharpening.


This angel is caretaker of the Earth and her fecundity. Pray to her to heal the earth, or any part of it which has become barren.

Angels of Water

These are traditionally known as Azariel, Tharsis, Michael, Gabriel and Nahaliel. They protect, cleanse and heal all bodies of water on earth. The angels of the rivers are Trsiel, Enki and Dara. We can invoke their powers and benediction when we want to bring healing to the waters of the earth – a task that the angels will delight in and bless us for.


This gracious one fosters harmonious, balanced, cooperative relationships with others. She presides over Truth.


An angel who helps us to overcome jealousy and feelings of inadequacy, bitterness and resentment.


An ‘educator’ angel. She will uplift and inspire you to think more in terms of spiritual values. She sheds a golden effulgence onto life’s ups and downs, so that the breath and beneficence of Divine Spirit may be sensed through you, leading you home to the light of your eternal self.


We can pray to this guardian angel of gardens when we wish to invoke healing for a struggling or infested garden. Dorothea is the guardian spirit of gardens.


Call on Chamuel to inspire tolerance and to soften harsh, critical, antagonistic attitudes. Chamuel helps us to love and to forgive ourselves and to let go of a judgmental outlook on life, our own failings and those of other people.


The Angel of Silence. Charoum blesses the art of listening and teaches us to set a guard over our tongue. ‘There is a mighty power in silence,’ say the angels. How often in life do we feel pressured, really against our will, to say something, to respond with some remark, when it would be better not to do so, but rather keep to a gracious silence? The colour of silence is pure white, pure light and those who can be graciously silent reveal themselves thereby as old initiates. They have mastered the art of silence. Let us remember the option of silence, with all its poise, dignity and peace.


This angel blesses the depths of our self-awareness. Call on this radiant one to illuminate blind spots, blinkeredness and ignorance or distorted ideas of self.


A great archangel of joy and beauty. Enfold yourself in Gabriel’s gift of radiant happiness.


The Peace-Maker Angel, Gavreel resolves situations of enmity and conflict into forgiveness, acceptance and peace with our enemies. Gavreel fosters mental and emotional balance and brings the balm of peace to troubled minds. Those enduring destructive stress or otherwise in need of equilibrium can invoke Gavreel in his merciful powers.


The Angel of the Rising Sun, Gazardiel protects children and all young, tender, growing things. When you long to feel the promise of new beginnings, of a tender enfoldment in newfound innocence after experiencing the sense of its loss, or stands in need of forces of renewal, awakening an a rebirth of enlightenment in life, face the rising sun each morning and invoke the blithe, radiant, tender Gazardiel.


An angel of truth and integrity. When we withhold honesty from ourselves or others, it harms our soul. A mist covers our feelings and our relationships with others – a confusing, distressing mist that makes everything, life’s normal dynamics, seem stressful and traumatic. If you have lost sight of your own truth and you feel the resultant pull away from your center, your integrity, call this angel into your field of spiritual vision with a sincere prayer for help. She will restore you to yourself.


An angel of art and beauty who inspires mercy and kindness to flourish in human hearts. When in need of mercy and kindness, either as virtues within ourselves or as blessings in our lives, we call on Hael.


This beneficent one ignites and fosters the beautiful flame of happy, positive and loving thoughts, feelings and impulses in our mind, heart and soul.


Haniel teaches us to experience romantic love from a standpoint of poise, balance and sanity. Although most of us want wildness, poetry and passion in our deepest love-affairs, these elements have to be kept in creative rather than destructive mode. Their keynote must be love, rather than desire. Haniel shows us how to achieve a proper perspective by combining personal love with unconditional love with the appropriate degree of responsibility to self. She teaches us to embrace wisdom, insight and stability whilst we enjoy the euphoria of being in love.


The Angel of companion and domestic animals. He brings healing and protection to pets and farm animals and shelters them from abuse.


The Angel of Meditation. Pray to this Chieftain of the Halls of Boundless Light for depth, clarity and guidance along the path of truth in your meditations.


The Angel of Nourishment. We can invoke her for nourishment on every level and to help those who suffer from a misunderstanding of nourishment which has take deep root in their psyche, so that they are underweight or overweight. Baglis works with this angel. Isda shows us how to nourish ourselves with self-love (different from selfishness), so that expressions of under-nourishment or over-nourishment become unnecessary.


Israfel, the beautiful Angel of Music, is the personification of healing. Rhythmically, lyrically, harmoniously, he regenerates, resurrects and renews with his exquisite art which enchants and transfigures the soul and release the spiritual fire within her. Call on Israfel when you sense the presence of broken harmony and broken rhythm, either in yourself, others, or the environment.


This luminary has dominion over cooperation and the formation of loving bonds between people. She nurtures the establishment of harmonious relationships. Omnie, Mihr and Itkal work together and can be summoned together with prayer and invocation.


This great angel liberates our minds and our outlook from the bonds of programming and conditioning attached to sources which are not in harmony with the wisdom of our soul. He brings us emancipation, enlightenment and the courage of open-mindedness.


Call on this ‘holy angel of God’ to heal inflammation and heat-producing maladies.


The Angel of Self-Discipline. This bright spirit holds up the ideal of wise self-regulation and denial of the demands and dominion of the lower self, but counsels against harshness. She reminds us that self-flagellation can be a form of indulgence. Attune yourself to this angel to learn the gentle but persistent are of self-governance.


The Angel of Friendhip, Mihr can be summoned to heal rifts between friends and our general relationships with others and also to heal an inability to make friends.


The Guardian Angel of Wild Animals, Mtniel helps us to heal our animal brethren.


Angel of Just Causes. We invoke Nemamial to heal our injustice, especially one dealt out to the frail and the vulnerable and to bless any worthy cause our work might lead us to undertake.

Nin Khursag

As Lady of the Mountain, we pray to Nin Khursag for stability, steadfastness, firmness and the strength to endure.


This angel fosters our contentedness with one another. He lifts us into Divine Oneness and heals our tendency towards isolation of self. Those suffering from loneliness, from autism, from imbalances in the ego, will benefit from the healing influences of this shining one.


Angel of the Wilderness. When we wish to heal and protect wild places in nature, we summon the stewardship of Orifiel.


This Son of the Flame fosters respect for parents and for wisdom arising from ancient sources, not only human but from all the world of Nature and her many kingdoms. When a person is disconnected from their source, when children (or indeed adults) have no respect for their parents. we call in this angel as troubleshooter.


This sacred being is the Angel of Compassion. Her wing-beats form spiritual waves of compassion, empathy, mercy, sympathy. When you need to receive these beautiful qualities, or to express them, the angel Rhamiel is at hand to help.


Sachael is the Angel of the Waters of the Soul. She teaches us what water really is in the higher realms. The soul itself is actually formed fro an exalted form of ethereal water. She fosters our intuitive powers and brings to us an awareness and understanding of our deepest feelings. She teaches us how to perfectly reflect the still flame of the spirit so that we can claim our highest birthright. She releases pressure and disturbance from the unconscious realms and makes clear and pure any area of the waters of our soul that have grown murky and unwholesome.

Shekinah and Brigid

These two mighty female angels are beings of the brilliant light of the Ineffable. Brigid is the Bride, the Immortal Daughter of Goddess-God. Shekinah is the angelic aspect of Brigid, highest among angels, consort to Archangel Michael. Both of these golden ones, Beings of Inconceivable Fire, bring a burgeoning abundance of healing to humankind of body, mind and spirit. They teach our souls the Dance of Life. Call on them in any and every healing situation.


Schemael fosters the upwelling of gratitude in the human heart. When these springs have run dry or become chocked, depression and a feeling of disgust with life is the inevitable result. Energy does not replenish itself and a person may put on weight on an attempt to draw mental and physical energy from food and the act of eating. When life seems grey, desolate and grief-stricken, it is difficult to feel gratitude fro the experience of it. Therefore, we call on Shemael’s gentle, compassionate gifts, so that the deep wellsprings of the spirit may be renewed.


Another angel of the garden. Sofiel has particular guardianship over fruits and vegetables, helping them to flourish and keep healthy. Sofiel is also a wonderful grounding angel and will reconnect sick and depleted mortals to vital earth energies. When you sense a blockage or a lack of the upflowing forces from the earth in your aura, call on Sofiel.


This angel is set over free will, self-determination and independence of choice. We invoke Tabris when we need help to lift ourselves out of a stalemate or stuck situation and seek to become aware of creative alternatives. Tabris also grants the necessary patience and endurance to wait quietly and alertly for that moment when the release comes.


Voloel is the sublime Angel of Peace. We can call on this great one to bless us with a serene mind, a tranquil heart and peaceful dreams. We can also ask Valoel to bring the balm of healing peace to an aggravated situation of relationship.

The Virtues

We call on The Virtues when we need a transformation of conditions or circumstances. They are a high order of angels whose principal duty is to work miracles on earth.

Vohu Manah (‘good thought’)

This wonderful angel blesses and uplifts our thoughts and our thought-sphere (the vessel which generates, contains, attracts, reflects and distributes our thoughts). All with a negative, anxious or pessimistic outlook, or with angry, conceited or otherwise inharmonious thought-energy, need to be brought before Vohu Manah.


Guardian of hymns, invocations and prayers, this venerable one is said to be ‘first-born in the highest Heaven of supreme light’. We can call on Vrihaspati to bless our prayers and invocations and help us to formulate new ones that are beautiful and effective and which please the angels.


This angel will assist us in our ceremonial rites. Yadael is a guardian angel of the gates of the north wind and will protect the angelic altar and all influences coming to it from the sacred direction of the north. The angels of the four cardinal points are: Archangel Uriel in the east, Archangel Michael in the south, Archangel Raphael in the west and Archangel Gabriel in the north. You might like to call on these angels for protection and blessings for your angelic altar, turning to face each direction as you call.

Yajoel (‘beauty of God’)

One of the great angels, Yahoel guides the leaders of humanity. Pray to this might one if you are working to heal a political or environmental situation which hangs on the making of wise decisions by those in positions of leadership.


Invoke this angel when you need to heal a condition locked in the subconscious. Yahriel holds dominion over the moon, who is the queen of the subconscious realms.


This shining being may be invoked when we need the blessings of fertility at any level – mentally, emotionally or physically. Yusamin is an aspect of our well-known Samandiriel.

Zeruel (‘arm of God’)

When you need to invoke the quality of strength, of will, of body, of purpose, strength for the aura or strength of courage, endurance and resilience, call on Zeruel, an angel ‘set over strength’.


When you need spiritual insight and penetrative perception, call on this mighty being, ‘one of the company of glorious and benevolent angels’ who reveals secret wisdom.


A powerful healing angel, able to overcome the dominion of even the lordliest among the disease and pain elementals (entities which create and hold in place the etheric patterns and systems which bring into being, feed and perpetuate disease and pain).

Zotiel (‘little one of God’)

This angel, from the order of cherubs, can be invoked to bring comfort to fearful children, or to adults who are very insecure and timid. Zotiel is one of the ‘whispering angels’ – angels who bring healing and reassurance by a constant whispering in the ear of the wisdom and goodness of Divine Spirit and of the unfailing love and protection of the angels.


This ‘most holy angel of God’ will bless your angel altar and all your healing ceremonies, with the potent, blissful magic of the heavenly realms.


We can call on this prince of the angels to help us overcome the mindsets and stumbling blocks that bar our way forward. We seek Zuriel’s help in illuminating dim spiritual sight and opening spiritually deaf ears. Of course we should always be careful to convey Zuriel’s blessing as a free gift from the heart, rather than with the thought of replacing a person’s individual viewpoint of our own.

(Source Credit – Angel Healing by Claire Nahmad)







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