Angelic Hierarchy

Angelic Hierarchy

Angels are multi-dimensional beings. Their energy and unconditional love is so vast that they can be many places at once, with no limitations. There is a huge hierarchy of angels made up of three tiers, called spheres. Each tier contains three groups, known as choirs.

The First Sphere

The first sphere is composed of angels known as the heavenly counselors.


The Seraphim form the highest order of the angelic realm. They are so closely connected to the universal life-force that they ensure that all of the energy stemming from it is going where it is intended.

Seraphim means ‘the burning ones’ and these angels are flames of universal love. They are said to have six wings. They are known for their heavenly voices and miraculous planetary shifts are reported to take place when they sing. Many texts say they are constantly singing praises of God.


Cherubim means ‘fullness of knowledge’ and these beings are God’s record-keepers. They are closely connected with the Akashic records – a chronicle of every event that has ever happened in the cosmos.

The Cherubim are said to direct the divine will of the universe and to have four faces and four wings so that they can look and fly in all directions.


The Thrones are charged with carrying out the shifts of consciousness in the universe. Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon have close connections to this choir, as shown by the ‘on’ in their names.

The word ‘Throne’ relates to the seat of God an is is said that these beings work through the web of life itself. They have been seen as wheels of light.

The Second Sphere

The angels of this sphere are said to be the universal governors.


Dominions means ‘lordships’ and these powerful beings have a real sense of presence and authority. They regulate the roles of every other angel, except for those of the first sphere and are seen holding orbs or scepters to represent their authority. They also look after nations and international situations.


The Virtues are the angels who oversee the movements of nature. Their name means ‘strongholds’ and they bestow blessings upon individual countries.


The Powers are the angelic choir who constantly send us reminders that there are better ways than war or destruction. These beings channel grace and mercy, encouraging all of us to be compassionate to the planet and of course, one another.

The Powers can protect s from negative energy and if called to a situation with low energy, they can dispel it instantly because their eyes burn with the love of the Divine.

The Third Sphere

These are the messenger angels, the guardians and warriors who protect the planet and the people who call on them.


The Principalities, whose name means ‘rulers’ are the protectors of spirituality and spiritual texts. These divine beings provide us with strength when things get tough. They have a strong connection with world leaders and with activists, particularly those who want to make truly compassionate changes to our planet. They encourage our inner leader, support our inner strength and inspire us to find peace.

They are also said to inspire new ideas in art and science, especially the science of physics, which helps us to understand our world more and more.


Archangels are the best-known choir of angels because they are mentioned in Abrahamic texts such as the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. They are the ‘boss angels’ who watch over the guardian angels.

Archangels are always seen as huge beings – tall, full of life and carrying a tool or symbol of their spiritual purpose. For example, Archangel Michael is often seen carrying a flaming sword as a symbol of his ability to cut the cords that bind us to the past.


This choir of angels includes the guardian angels who look after us and our daily needs. These are the beings we are praying to when we simply say ‘Thank you, angels’.

These angels are probably the most human-like in appearance – they take on our looks so that we can understand them more easily. They were made to work hand in hand with us.

(Source Credit – Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray)

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