Angel Prayers

Angel Prayers

Powerful Angel Prayers

Prayer is the bridge that enables you to speak to angels. It’s the medium of miracles that allows you to send your thoughts, thanks and intentions to heaven. Prayer is our candid conversation with our guardians. It’s the moment we choose to connect. When we pray we create an altar in our minds where we can commune with the Divine. Prayer is speaking o heaven. It is through prayer that we can ask for help; it is through prayer that we can open up to that help and all the abundance that is there for us.
~Kyle Gray~

Guardian Angel Prayer

(Knowledge – Protection – Self Awareness)

Gracious and holy Guardian Angel, hear my prayer:

That I may grow in knowledge and self-awareness with every step I take and every deed I do.
Keep me safe through the struggles and trials life will put in front of me,
and bless me with your presence that I may learn to know you better,
and benefit from your wisdom and knowledge,
reaching for the beauty and harmony of truth enfolded in your protective wings.
Guardian Angel, you are always with me and I offer honor and love to you.

Archangel Ariel Prayer

(Issues regarding animals – Settling into a new home)

Ariel, Lioness of God, hear my prayer:

Thank you for surrounding me in your golden light.
I welcome your strength and assertiveness.
I feel warm and safe knowing you are with me now.
Thank you for unlocking my courage and helping me to see clearly.
Surround me with your animal guides.
I am free like the birds in the sky, like the lions in the wild.
Today I soar high, unchained, assertive and at peace.
Thank you, Ariel, I am the light, as are you. I am ready to shine.

Archangel Azrael Prayer

(Crossing over – Bereavement – Grief)

Azrael, Divine Worker of God, hear my prayer:

Azrael, than you for supporting me at this time.
With your energy I create a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth.
I remember that there is no separation and that God is here, present with me now.
My loved ones are here, present with me now. I am never alone, I am always safe.
I allow the light of heaven to guide me from fear to love.
I undertake transitions safely on my journey. Thank you for supporting me.
And So It Is.

Archangel Chamuel Prayer

(Tolerance – Unconditional Love)

Chamuel, angel of tolerance and unconditional love, hear my prayer:

Guide my deeds that I may ever recognize my own failings and overcome them,
and be tolerant of the failings of others knowing that we all seek to move towards our potential.
Help me to love myself and to radiate that love so that I appreciate life in all its beauty,
and ever strive to add to that beauty and create love and happiness all about me without seeking to place myself above others.

Archangel Gabriel Prayer

(Achieving Plans – Domestic Matters – Imagination – Inspiration)

Gabriel, lord of the lunar tides, hear my prayer:

Guide me through the struggles of daily life and help me to develop my intuition
and trust in my feelings,
that my imagination may flower and my psychic abilities grow,
so I may live harmoniously and spread the harmony to all who I meet on my path.
Mighty Gabriel, bless me with the ability to communicate clearly
and listen to the messages of all my senses.

Archangel Haniel Prayer

(Gifts & Talents – Third Eye Activation – Inner Goddess – Divine Magic)

Haniel, Goddess of the Moon and Angel of Grace, hear my prayer:

Haniel, than you for shining your radiant light upon my life.
I allow myself to open and connect with your spirit and poise.
I connect with my inner wisdom, my inner vision.
I open my eyes and see clearly with love.
My gifts and talents naturally progress in your light
and the neutral polarities within me are balanced.
I stand with poise and in glory.
I now create the life I deserve in your light and that of the Creator.
And So It Is.

Archangel Jeremiel Prayer

(Reviewing Life – Illusions – Forgiveness – Miracles Within)

Jeremiel, Angel of Mercy, Server of the Light, hear my prayer:

Jeremiel, thank you for entering my energy and awakening the miracles within.
I allow my illusions to be shown to me in visions and dreams.
I remember the divine spark of love that is within me.
I acknowledge that this love connects me to all that is.
Forgiveness is a natural part of who I am.
I am free, I am merciful, And So It Is.

Archangel Jophiel Prayer

(Awareness – Creative Power – Spiritual Growth)

Jophiel, bringer of awareness and spiritual growth, hear my prayer:

Help me to harness my creative power that I may be efficient in my life and strive for more awareness as my spirit grows. Guide my steps on my path; keeping me focused on the consequences of my actions and the fulfillment that comes through love and growth. Bless me with your insight so I may work for the good of others as well as myself, radiating creativity and awareness to all those who are receptive.

Archangel Metatron Prayer

(Chakras – Divine Guidance – Shedule)

Metatron, Archangel of Ascension, hear my prayer:

Metatron, thank you for coming to me with your energy that goes beyond time and space.
As your magenta, indigo and crystalline rays surround my being,
my soul adjusts to the here and now and I find purpose in the present
and allow divine guidance to carry me forward.
My chakras align with love and I prepare to create heaven on Earth.
And So It Is.

Archangel Michael Prayer

(Achieving Goals – Legal Matters – Marital Matters – Courage – Protection)

Michael, mighty angel, hear my prayer:

That I may have courage and deal with every situation I encounter and behave nobly with your balanced perspective. Awesome Michael, merciful angel and protector of the just, help me to avoid discriminating unfairly or being discriminated against and guide me to success in all the positive ventures I undertake, that I may radiate your light of mercy and justice to the world.

Archangel Orion Prayer

(Energy Alignment – Alignment with Divine Love)

Orion, mighty angel, hear my prayer:

Thank you, Archangel Orion, for inspiring me and filling my life with your starry energy.
I am open to receiving your guidance.
Thank you for revealing to me what I need to know.
I align all my thoughts and actions with love,
knowing that this is the real and infinite part of myself.
I am sage and well, knowing your are with me.
And So It Is.

Archangel Raguel Prayer

(Legal Matters – Balance & Harmony – Resolving Conflicts)

Dear Raguel the Archangel, hear my prayer:

Thank you for shining your harmonious light of balance on my life.
Thank you for helping me recognize all those who are trustworthy.
Thank you for bring any conflicts or arguments in my life to an end.
Thank you for helping me discern what is right and what is wrong.
Thank you for being a friend and shining God’s light on me.
It feels so good to know you are here, guiding my path to growth.
And So It Is.

Calling on Raquel’s help in resolving conflict:
Thank you, Archangel Raguel, for surrounding me (name of person) and the situation
in a space of harmonious love.
I surrender the situation to you, knowing that from this point on it has already been resolved.
And So It Is.

Archangel Raphael Prayer

(Communication – Healing – Knowledge – Travel)

Raphael, healer of mankind and bearer of knowledge to the earth, hear my prayer:

That I may be inspired to excel in all my thought; bless me as I move about the surface of the earth that I may always travel safely and with purpose. Fill me with your patience and insight in all my dealings, to handle my business with wisdom and tolerance and always communicate clearly to avoid being misinterpreted. Raphael, keep me ever sound in mind and body and guide the ventures I undertake, that I may use your powers of communication and healing throughout the world.

Archangel Raziel Prayer

(Spiritual Laws – Spiritual Knowledge – Meditation)

Archangel Raziel, the divine magician, hear my prayer:

Thank you for opening up my mind and heart to spiritual knowledge.
I feel so connected, knowing and understanding the universal laws
so that I can create the life I deserve.
Thank you for blessing my aura with your intelligence,
so that I can understand myself and my life even more.
Thank you for reminding me of my spiritual function and purpose.
It’s so good to travel through life with your knowledge.
And So It Is.

Archangel Sandalphon Prayer

(Channeling Creativity – Grounding – Signs & Synchronicities)

Archangel Sandalphon, Angel of the Earth, hear my prayer:

I welcome your copper light into my life.
Thank you for guiding me to understand the signs of heaven’s presence
and for delivering my prayers to heaven.
I allow myself to become connected with you and the intelligence of planet Earth.
Dear Sandalphon, remind me how I can serve,
how I can shine and how I can adjust to the planetary changes going on.
I surrender you your force.
And So It Is.

Archangel Uriel Prayer

(Defeating Inertia – Magical Power – Energy)

Uriel, angel of peace and salvation, hear my prayer:

That I will always strive to be gentle and kind in all my life and exert only enough force to achieve my goals. Help me to overcome the pitfalls of inertia and boredom, that may hinder my progress or distract me from achieving happiness and success. Mighty Uriel, illuminate my spirit with your wisdom that I may ever strive to fulfill my potential and to help others.

Archangel Zadkiel Prayer

(Charity – Gentleness – Joy – Solace)

Zadkiel, bestower of joy, hear my prayer:

To ever look for the joy in life and not waste my time needlessly, rather that I be inspired with your love and happiness. To be a comfort for those who need solace and a source of happiness to raise the spirits of the unhappy. Zadkiel, guide my heart and deeds and give me the strength to overcome unhappiness and adversity, passing through the storms of misery to the radiance of joy.


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