The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras


“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”
~Khalil Gibran~

The Root Chakra has a strong affinity with our etheric body, which in turn, is connected with the gross physical body. The etheric body is linked to physical vitality, mastery of our physical bodies and our survival sense in the physical world. On the emotional and mental levels of our development, the root chakra expresses personal will and the desire to take action and to express ourselves in unique ways. The colour of the spectrum associated with the root chakra is RED, which is an intense, focused vibration that builds vitality on the physical level and courage, perseverance and strength on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

  1. Meaning: Physical vitality, basic will to be
  2. Associated Colour: Red
  3. Endocrine Glands: Gonads or adrenals – depending on the belief systems associated with our basic being
  4. Location: Base of the spine, pubic bone


  • I honour the natural physical vitality of my body and take care of it wisely.
  • I AM and the world welcomes me.
  • I live courageously, taking action to express my being.


“Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body.”
Irene Claremont de Castillejo~

This chakra is particularly associated with the ether and emotional subtle bodies. The first step in life is to establish our sense of being (physical/etheric level). Then we reach out and begin to connect with others and establish who we are on the feeling level of relationship (emotional level). On the physical level this chakra deals with the assimilation and elimination (letting go). This chakra also deals with an exploration of our physical senses and of the sense pleasures in the physical world. On the emotional level we begin to connect with others and to seek their approval in order to validate who we are. We assimilate the impressions that others have of us and seek to understand ourselves through theses ‘mirrored’ impressions. On the spiritual level of development, this chakra relates to the joy of being alive and to understanding the connections between all life. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the colour ORANGE, which is a warm expansive vibration that transmits qualities of stimulation, optimism, hope and sociability.

  1. Meaning: Connecting with others through our feelings
  2. Associated Colour: Orange
  3. Endocrine Glands: Spleen, liver, pancreas and gonads
  4. Location: Two inches below the navel


  • I assimilate right understanding through my feelings and senses.
  • I welcome change and freely let go of what I don’t need.
  • I am enough.
  • I trust the Universe to supply my abundance and prosperity.


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
~Henry S. Haskins~

The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with our sense of personal identity and power and has an affinity with the emotional and mental subtle bodies. On the physical level the solar plexus relates to learning how to both mobilize and regulate energy for conscious purposes. On the emotional and mental levels, we establish and develop who we are and learn to feel powerful in our uniqueness.  Here the emphasis is on learning how to develop our self-esteem and to free ourselves from the roles we play in life. On the mental level of development, we learn to make conscious choices about what we want and to expand whom we are through new skills and information. So our task at the solar plexus is to consciously use our mind to choose and develop a positive self-image, construct our own set of values and establish a base of personal power. On the spiritual level, the solar plexus can be expressed as ‘I am unique and I walk my path with an unassuming self-assurance.’  The colour associated with the solar plexus is YELLOW, a lighter, stimulating vibration with qualities of joy, optimism and confidence. Yellow also has the quality of helping to focus and expand the conscious, decision-making mind.

  1. Meaning: Developing self-confidence and building personal power
  2. Associated Colour: Yellow
  3. Endocrine Glands: Adrenals, liver, pancreas
  4. Location: Two inches above the navel


  • I own my own strength and power
  • I appreciate all my wonderful qualities that make me unique


“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”
~Dalai Lama~

The Heart Chakra has an affinity with the emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies. Here we learn about compassion for ourselves and others and we experience the truth of the oneness of all creation. On the physical level, the heart chakra relates to our physical hearts as well as to the blood circulation. The thymus gland, which is also located in this region, has a strong influence on our immune system. On the emotional and mental levels of development, we must learn the importance of self-acceptance, forgiveness and a non-judgmental attitude towards others and ourselves. We must learn to accept our emotions as part of our being. Our emotional responses, such as anger or fear, can often give us instant feedback on the direct consequences of our choices and decisions. Ultimately, this feedback helps us to move towards the union with God/Goddess/All That Is, rather than continuing to exist in a state of separateness. On the spiritual level, the heart chakra is associated wit the understanding that we are all ONE – that we are connected rather than separate from each other. The colour GREEN is associated with the heart and it is a soothing, balancing vibration associated with harmony and compassion.

  1. Meaning: Developing compassion for all, especially ourselves
  2. Associated Colour: Green
  3. Endocrine gland: Thymus
  4. Location: Heart


  • I accept myself as I am
  • I am truly loved


“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t being said.”

The Throat Chakra has an affinity with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – particularly the latter two. It is related to the solar plexus chakra, as both areas deal with self-expression. Emphasis at he throat is on expressing our truth and creativity and giving service to others. On the physical and emotional levels, fear of expressing something to be said may create blockages resulting in sore throats and other throat problems. On the mental level the throat chakra relates to our ability to give to others through our creativity and the active expression of our knowledge. At the spiritual level of development, the throat chakra relates to service. We learn that giving others our uniqueness is our major function in being on earth. The colour BLUE associated with the throat chakra brings mental peace and understanding. As blue is the colour of the sky, it is also a expression of our aspirations.

  1. Meaning:  Speaking truth, creative expression, giving service
  2. Associated Colour: Blue
  3. Endocrine Gland: Thyroid
  4. Location: Throat


  • I now say what needs to be said
  • I value and express my creativity
  • My purpose is to serve others with my unique gifts


“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.”
~Billy Wilder~

While the Brow Chakra (Third Eye) is associated primarily with the spiritual subtle body, it serves a unique role as a coordinator and regulator at the physical, emotional and mental levels of development. This chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra have a complimentary relationship, both focusing on our connection with life and on the processes of assimilation and elimination. On the physical level of development at the brow chakra, the pituitary, or master gland, has a regulation function of the body. We can think of the brow chakra as a supervisor of our affairs, with the solar plexus often acting as the foreman and the organs actually carrying out the orders. On the emotional and mental levels of development, we consciously and unconsciously choose the beliefs which determine our reality. The brow chakra enables our beliefs to be manifested. On the spiritual level of development, the brow chakra serves as a catalyst or bridge to help us connect with our higher spiritual nature. It is the seat of our intuition. As we connect and merge with the awareness of unity, we begin to receive additional impressions from beyond our five senses and everyday mind. Intuition feels like a calm sense of rightness, even when it appears in the midst of pain. Intuitive knowing comes in many forms, such as dreams, colours, symbols, sounds, pictures, feelings, sense impressions and quite frequently as an ordinary thought. The colour associated with the brow chakra is INDIGO, which is a deep blue tinged with violet, like the colour of the violet sky. Indigo is a very light, cooling, uplifting vibration, which has the quality of expanding spiritual understanding.

  1. Meaning: Regulator and catalyst, seat of our intuitive knowing
  2. Associated Colour: Indigo
  3. Endocrine Gland: Pituitary
  4. Location: Brow


  • I now release early life and past life experiences which do not serve my highest good
  • I accept responsibility for creating my reality
  • My intuitive connection with my higher spiritual nature is expanding and becoming clearer


“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.”
~K.T. Jong~

The Crown Chakra has an affinity with our spiritual subtle body. This chakra and the Root Chakra share a common focus on our basic sense of identity. However, at the crown we do no emphasize our individual uniqueness. Here our emphasis is on our universality, on merging with oneness of all things The crown is where we become One again and merge with the sense of infinite peace and joy – the unity of all life. The colour associated with the crown chakra is violet. It has a vibration that gives rise to alpha and theta brain waves. Violet also promotes the qualities of transformation and transcendence.

  1. Meaning: Merging with our basic identity of God/Goddess/All That Is
  2. Associated Colour: Violet
  3. Endocrine Gland: Pineal
  4. Location: Crown of the head


  • I merge with the unity of all life
  • I act in alignment with my higher spiritual nature

(Source Credit: Healing With Crystals – Pamela Chase & Jonathan Pawlik)



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