An Overview Of The Chakras

An Overview Of The Chakras

“We are a circle within a circle, with no beginning and never ending”. ~Unknown~

Chakra work is one of the subtlest methods of healing. The chakras are important energy centers in the body that can be activated and harmonized using certain techniques. This will lead to marked improvements in physical and mental health, psychological stability and inner peace.

Chakras are centers of awareness in the human body. These energy centers are neither physical nor anatomical. They are found in the subtle energy system, although their radiant energy does correspond to positions within the body.

The chakras influence cells, organs and the entire hormone system and affect one’s thoughts and feelings. They are also centers of psychic energy.

The term ‘chakra’ comes from Sanskrit, the sacred language of ancient India. It literally means ‘wheel’ or ‘turning’. In fact, the chakras revolve continuously. Through their rotation, they absorb energies from without and convert them into the subtle material of the astral body. Through the chakras, we take in energy from our surroundings.

The chakras take energy from the environment, from the natural world of plants, animals and other people, as well as from the sun, moon, planets and the entire cosmos. As such, they can be likened to funnel-shaped flowers. At the same time, the chakras allow cosmic energy (prana in Sanskrit) to radiate from within the person and so act as miniature suns.

Each chakra forms a focal point for thousands of rays of subtle energy (nadis in Sanskrit), which are then directed outward. Thus the chakras serve as a kind of way station in which energy is collected, transmitted and made available for the ongoing process of an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual life.

One can thereby make a positive impression in the world and influence one’s surroundings for the better. The chakras also promote harmony between one’s inner and outer worlds.

What Is Chakra Work?

Chakra work serves to activate the body’s seven primary chakras. Work on the chakras will improve your physical health. Its positive effects include stimulation of the metabolism, detoxification and strengthening of the immune system by infusing cells and organs with healing energy.

Chakras are not just energy centers; they are centers of awareness as well. Over time, chakra work can help resolve psychological afflictions such as anxiety, stress and depression. You can look forward to experienced serenity, happiness and inner peace within a short period of time.

Chakra work leads to spiritual harmony as well. With steady practice negative attitudes toward life are replaced by positive thinking, that brings marked changes in behavior.

There are rewards to chakra work that go beyond general considerations of health. The seven chakras symbolize different stages of human development. By involving yourself in these different levels of being, you can actualize your full potential, the totality of possibilities open to you. Your relationships with loved ones, friends and your surroundings will all change for the better.

Not least important, work with the chakras will promote spiritual development. Inner growth is a natural result of the unfolding of the chakras and conversely, the conscious focus on the subtle levels of the body’s energy centers creates conditions that will accelerate one’s spiritual development.

Awakening The Chakras

At each level of awareness corresponding to one of the seven chakra, you trigger a learning process through the spiritual practice of chakra work that will lead to greater intensity and awareness:

  • Through the unfolding of the first chakra (Base Chakra) you will learn to say yes to life and discover the source of life energy.
  • When you awaken the second chakra (Sacral Chakra) you will be able to affirm your sexuality and sensual nature and feel at home in your own body.
  • Developing the third chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) allows you to say yes to yourself and find the inner strength to reach your goals
  • By activating the fourth chakra (Heart Chakra) you will come to say yes to love and develop compassion.
  • With the unfolding of the fifth chakra (Throat Chakra) you will say yes to your creative potential and perfect your communication with others.
  • Developing the sixth chakra (Brow Chakra) brings contact with your higher self and sparks the power of intuition.
  • Through he unfolding of the seventh chakra (Crown Chakra) you will approach the Divine and realize the true source of all beings.

(Source Credit: A Handbook Of Chakra Healing – Kalashatra Govinda)

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