Rainbow Meditation

Rainbow Meditation

Meditation is essentially training our attention so that we can be more aware— not only of our own inner workings but also of what’s happening around us in the here & now.”
~Sharon Salzberg~

Imagine yourself totally surrounded by white light. Breathe this light into every cell and tissue in your body, until you become one with the light.

Next you see waves of colour coming up from the earth. At first you experience a wave of brilliant red, rising through your feet and legs and entering into your base chakra. Feel it warming you as it rises to the sacral centre. It now becomes orange, the colour at sunset. You start to feel more relaxed and your breathing becomes free and easy. As the wave of colour rises into your solar-plexus you feel it empowering you. You feel it radiating from your centre. You now feel the lower three chakras connected and receiving energy from the earth.

Now you focus on the heart and you draw in the beautiful green of creativity and growth. You are reminded that you are connected to all living things, the plants and trees, animals, your family and all of mankind. Your heart goes out to all these things and you feel a great love for the earth itself for the earth is also going through its own evolution. You feel harmony, tranquility and peace. You can relax and trust the process of life.

As you draw your attention up to the throat centre you look at the sky and feel the cleansing deep blue rays entering your throat, purifying your words. It reminds you of the vastness of the spirit and sky. The blue stars to darken and becomes the indigo ray which enters your sixth sense chakra, or third eye. This gives you the ability to see inner truth. It is the colour of high ideals and wisdom. Finally the violet ray pours down entering your crown chakra and connecting you to the universe. You feel both connected to the sky and to the earth. You are of spirit and body. Through this realization you undergo transformation for this is the gate to enlightenment.

The unique properties of the cosmic coloured rays are your keys to knowledge and wisdom. By understanding the powers which surround you, you are also able to understand the powers within you.

Slowly let the violet fade and a great feeling of peace and tranquility descends over you. When you are ready, slowly move your toes and fingers and open your eyes.

Colour Affirmations

Colour affirmations are short positive sentences, which are repeated regularly. We can use colour to move stagnant energy and change our ingrained patterns of thought often developed in childhood. Soon the new thought forms will attract positive energy to us. Soon the new thought forms will become real, bringing wonderful changes to our life.


  • Every day, I am energized and revitalized by the colour red
  • I love life and wish to live it to the full
  • The red ray brings me strength and safety to all that I must face


  • The magnetic orange ray is drawn up through my feet and fills me with vitality and strength
  • The orange ray brings me joy and happiness
  • I can release and let go of all the emotions I do not need at this time


  • The golden-yellow light empowers me, lighting up my whole being
  • I am worthy of my own self-love
  • The yellow rays bring clarity to my thinking and wisdom in my affairs


  • The green cosmic ray fills my heart, soothing and healing my whole being
  • With the colour green I restore balance and harmony to every cell in my body
  • Love is the purpose of my life. I am able to give and receive love.


  • Through the colour blue, I am attaining more peace and tranquility in my life
  • I am in touch with my intuition and am guided to my higher self
  • With the blue ray I am able to express my inner thoughts and feelings openly and creatively


  • The midnight blue of the indigo ray cleanses and purifies my whole being
  • The indigo ray brings me power to see the purpose in my life
  • I can see clearly and radiate love and integrity


  • The pure amethysts of the violet ray heals every nerve fiber in my body
  • The violet ray is an inspiration to every cell which it nourishes and uplifts
  • Through the violet ray I am able to express my creativity.

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