Hado Meiso-Ho Meditation

Hado Meiso-Ho Meditation

“All roads taken lead us only to ourselves.”
~Kilroy J. Oldster~

The Hado breathing method is one of the foundation techniques for developing and increasing the ability to raise your vibrations and to cleanse yourself.

The key point to Hado meditation is to carry out Hado breathing while you are focusing upon feeling energy vibrations in your palms. The precise vibration waves will change your consciousness and lead you to a deep meditative state.

In this deep state of harmonization with your super consciousness, you will be making contact with the universal life force. This offers the opportunity to be healed, to expand consciousness and to reclaim your true inner self.

  1. Sit or stand, be comfortable (Straighten your back. This is important, as you will be carrying out deep vibrational energy breathing).
  2. Remove your shoes and ground yourself by making sure that the soles of the feet are touching the floor. (Sit with your legs slightly apart, do not use a back support and do not have anything on your lap. Palms on the lap facing upwards. Make yourself feel calm and relaxed).
  3. Gassho and calm the mind (The word Gassho literally means  ‘two hands coming together’. Bring your hands up as high as possible and feel the vibrations of the light showering into the whole of the body).
  4. Bring down your hands, feeling the light vibrations. Next open your arms so that they are straight out from your shoulders. Then bring your hands together in to your chest with the palms facing down.
  5. While you are doing the Hado breathing with the ‘HAA’ sound, push both hands down, to move your body downwards. Notice the hands movement and feel the stagnated energy moving down and leaving the body. Do this just once at the beginning of the meditation.
  6. Move your hands upwards to just above the forehead, whilst you breathe in. Remove any tension from the hands and move them slowly down as if following the edge of your aura downwards whilst breathing out. When you breath out, fully relax your abdomen then the air will flow-in naturally. Whilst you are breathing-in raise your hands again then bring them down with Hado breathing. Do this exercises 3 times and then resume normal breathing. Keep still and feel the movement of the energy inside your body.
  7. You can practice number (6) as many times as you wish. Due to the activated energy, you may experience that your body moves. However, do not try to stop the movements, as you need to allow the body to react naturally and for you to experience the wonderful life force energies. (Just feel where the energy is moving). As you experience these sensations maybe you should have your eyes half closed. After a while, stop the movement by your will. (Should you experience any difficulty then shake your wrists in all directions and tell yourself ‘I have completed the meditation’. Then open the eyes. This will stop any movement).
  8. If you see some vision or colours you can enjoy these phenomena and continue meditating calmly, bu you should  not feel excited or fascinated by them. (When you become accustomed to these practices, following three Hado meditations as number (6), then you might reach a state of deep meditation. As long as you keep carrying out the Hado breathing you should be able to control your mind so that there is no danger).
  9. When you finish the Hado meditation, always move your hands in all directions and clear your mind really well.
  10. Then Gassho.

You do not stop breathing by your conscoious mind, however afer you have carried out the Hado meditation you may often notice that you have not been breathing for a while. This indicates that you have entered a deep meditative condition and have moved into a higher state.

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