Colour Breathing

Colour Breathing

“I want to paint the rest of my days with the best colors.”
~Debasish Mridha~

Colour breathing should always involve the diaphragm. Place your hands gently upon your naval. Inhale deeply. Do your hands move outwards? Exhale slowly. Do your hands move back in? If so, you are breathing properly. Many people only breathe from the upper chest. In these cases, the air is not taken deeply into the body and less energy and vitality is achieved from it.

On the less intricate side, performing colour breathing (especially outdoors or by an open window) is a powerfully effective form of healing. Remember that air is turned into energy within the body. The frequency and strength of that energy is largely determined by our thoughts. Breathing different colours assists us with various health factors.

  1. Make yourself comfortable. A seated position may be more comfortable , but make sure the spine is erect. Place the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth, just behind the front teeth, to link the Conception and Governing Meridians.
  2. Inhale slowly, through the nostrils for a count of five or six. Then hold that breath fro a count of ten to twelve. The exhale slowly through the mouth for a count of five or six. Establish a slow, comfortable breathing rhythm.
  3. Now as you breath in, see and feel the air as a particular colour. See and feel it filling your entire body. See and feel this colour growing stronger within you with each breath. Visualize it balancing and healing whatever condition you wish to correct. Breathing this colour for five to ten minutes can have wonderful effects.
  4. If unsure as to the colour, breathe in pure crystaline white light. You may also simply use the seven colours of the rainbow, balancing the chakras and energizing your overall system. Remember that different colours, when breathed, will elicit different effects.

(Source Credit: The Healer’s Manual – Ted Andrews)

Proper Rhythmic Breathing

Inhale through the nose for a specified count. Hold the breath for the same count and then exhale out the mouth for the count. You should be able to feel the diaphragm expand with each breath.

General Colour Breathing

There are simply ways to do colour breathing. Performing colour breathing outdoors or by an open window can be very effective. Remember that air is turned into energy within the body. The key is to determine which colours are needed.

Red Breath

Energizing and warming. Helps with colds and sinuses; drying to mucous membranes.

Pink Breath

Beneficial to skin conditions, especially puffiness. Eases loneliness.

Orange Breath

Balances emotions, eases respiratory conditions, awakens creativity, restores joy of life. Orange and pink combination (peach colours) are good for muscles.

Yellow Breath

Assists us in learning easily. Eases indigestion and flatulence. The gold shade of yellow is an overall healing colour and is beneficial for inner head problems.

Green Breath

Eases nervous conditions, awakens greater sense of prosperity, helps in overcoming bad habits. Pale green is good for improved vision.

Blue Breath

Calming and soothing. Awakens artistic talents, eases respiratory problems. Generally healing for all children.

Dark Blue Breath

Accelerates haling and mending after surgery. Helps heal bones when combined with a tinge of green (teal blue). Helps to open intuition. It can have a strengthening effect upon the endocrine system.

Turquoise Breath

Helpful for respiratory conditions and arthritis. Combined with pink, it assists in overcoming bad eating habits.

Violet Breath

Beneficial to skeletal and nervous systems. Purifies, detoxifies the body, awakens spiritual attunement.

Purple Breath

Helpful in detoxifying the body. Helps overcome strong obsessions and negative feelings. Most effective when combined with white.

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