Sacred Dying South Africa - Embracing The End Of Life

Sacred Dying South Africa – Embracing The End Of Life

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What is an End-of-Life (Death) Doula?

An End-of-Life (Death) Doula educates and empowers people to make informed decisions on their own end-of-life care and final burial. End-of-Life (Death) Doulas are non-medical individuals who are trained to care for a person and their family holistically in the last phase of life. They may serve the elderly (possibly for years before their death), the terminally ill, at any age the grieving, those who have lost or are about to say goodbye to a loved one, those not near death but who want to wrestle with and confront their own mortality now, those looking to practically plan for end-of-life, at any age and regardless of health status.

An End-of-Life (Death) Doula provides on going comfort and support to the dying; they stay by their side, providing physical comfort, informing them of what is taking place and advocating for them when necessary. They provide human comfort and support allowing the dying to die in their own way.

” You would know the secret of death. But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life.”
~Kahlil Gibran~

Rei-Flexions Holistic Academy

Online Training for End-of-Life (Death) Doulas in SA


Rei-Flexions Holistic Academy conjointly with Sacred Dying South Africa is a Sole Proprietorship (namely M.A. Minnaar T/A Sacred Dying South Africa). Rei-Flexions was established in 2007. originally as a holistic therapy practice. Since July 2019 we have progressed to facilitating online courses. We currently offer a basic Ens-of-Life (Death) Doula certification course, which is offered in three modules. Scholarships are offered quarterly in support of individuals who require financial assistance and have shown a deep calling to the sacred work of working with the terminally ill and dying within their communities.


About Mona

Mona Minnaar is the Founding Director of Sacred Dying South Africa – Embracing The End Of Life, which is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to train End-of-Life (Death) Doulas throughout South Africa, enabling them to serve their communities with honor and dignity. 

Mona has  completed many holistic therapy courses and holds numerous certificates and diplomas in holistic health, which knowledge she lovingly shares with her students and on social media.


As a professional nurse and also having worked at a home for the aged (which was a time that I loved very much), I had many opportunities to spend time with the dying, and consider it one of the most sacred and beautiful gifts of soul to share with another human being. I realized the calling of my soul was to be there for those who were struggling, suffering or dying. This privilege, I have come to believe is the one true way for me to give and experience the real meaning of unconditional love and acceptance. I have always wished to learn more, to become more proficient and especially confident in being there for those who are traveling the last stages of their life here, so when I heard about the Sacred Dying Doula course, I was very happy and signed up immediately. I have now successfully completed the certification Death Doula course and have enjoyed doing it. My tutor, Mona Minnaar, has been there all the way as an ever-ready support when needed and I have felt comfortable and enjoyed my studying with her. With each module and assignment that I’ve worked on so far, I have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy with all that I am learning, because I am finding this study very meaningful and I feel so motivated by it. The course content is beautiful and very close to my heart! Thank you Mona for bringing the Sacred Dying End-of-Life (death) Doula course to us here in South Africa. I recommend it to anyone who feels that this is a calling for them to enrol in the course. 
Panayiota Ryall