Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

“Our limitations and success will be based, most often, on our own expectations for ourselves. What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon.” ~Denis Waitley~


What Is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing realigns the body’s energy fields, opening up the chakras to promote an overall feeling of well-being. The crystals are placed around the body to set up specific and complex electro-magnetic force fields. This energy acts to re-polarize any fields that are misaligned, redistributing the correct energies to restore harmony and balance to both the physical and subtle bodies.

Crystals provide a gentle, non-invasive form of healing that co-operates with your body’s inner healer, a repair mechanism that brings things back into balance or homeostasis. Working through vibration, resonance and color, crystals heal holistically and dissolve dis-ease.

Crystals are concerned with subtle electromagnetic energies and much of their work is done through realigning the biomagnetic sheath, or aura, that surrounds the physical body and cleansing the chakras, the energy centers that link the two together.

Crystal healing takes into account the fact that your soul may be learning through your condition and if this is so, the crystals will support you as you move through the process.

One of crystal healings most profound effects is in helping you to uncover the psychosomatic causes of disease or dis-ease. Dis-ease is the subtle precursor to disease. Psychosomatic means that emotions and mental attitudes are affecting the physical body and causing disease, a situation which crystals can improve.

How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals work through the transmission of energy and the adjustment on the subtle vibrations. Crystals absorb, focus, transmute and transmit electromagnetic energy, after all, they have lain within the earth’s magnetic field for millions of millennia. They are like cosmic transceivers, stepping cosmic energy down from the spiritual level so that it can be absorbed and used by the physical body.

The subtle bodies (collectively known as the aura, biomagnetic sheath or etheric body) that surround the physical body are formed from energies that have a lighter vibration than the physical body and are therefore invisible, but the physical body itself, which consists largely of water – an excellent medium for the transmission of vibration – carries extremely s subtle vibrational signals through its nerves and neural pathways. Each of the different bodies of the aura has a subtle grid, known as the meridians and crystals open up these pathways and dissolve blockages wherever they occur. The subtle bodies are linked to the physical body by the chakras, centers which mediate and distribute energy. But these themselves can become blocked, leading to subtle dis-ease, which if not brought back into equilibrium, eventually leads to physical disease.

Causes Of Disease

  • Damaged Immune System: Your immune system is the front line of defense against disease. If it is not functioning well, then did-ease and organisms invade the body.
  • Shock or Attack: If you receive a shock, whether it is at the physical, emotional or mental level, your chakras go out of balance and your body reacts. If you are attacked, whether by viruses or by someone’s thoughts, dis-ease results.
  • Stress & Tension: Anything which puts a continual stress on your system and which causes inadequate rest will ultimately manifest as physical illness.
  • Negative Attitudes & Emotions: How you think or feel is how you will ultimately become in your physical body. Emotions such as guilt or suppressed anger are insidious forerunners of disease, as are low self-esteem or shame.
  • Emotional Exhaustion: If you have been continually drained by a person or a situation then you have lowered resistance to disease.
  • Anxiety or Fear: Chronic anxiety and continual fear weaken the body. Anxiety is usually accompanied by loss of appetite and irregular sleeping patterns and is often exacerbated by smoking or drinking. If depression is involved, medication may suppress underlying feelings causing dis-ease.

(Source Credit : Crystal Healing – Judy Hall)

Crystal Healing

We are very seldom aware of our true inner self, which links us to all other life forms. This disconnection causes most of our problems. We disregard the intuitive self as being illogical and unimportant for our daily routines and activities, so we suppress the expressions of our higher self and over-ride them with our thoughts of logic and reasoning. The intuitive self has capabilities to forewarn, foretell and guide us and is typified by expression of selfless love, compassion and joy. Crystals can help us to liberate those areas of the mind, which we are not consciously aware of and help us balance the subconscious (higher or intuitive self) and conscious mind.

As we strive for self-knowledge our level of consciousness increases. We are both matter and spirit and once we can understand this connection we will become whole and healthy. We humans are on a path of evolution, which is to learn that the source of love is within us and to open to the goodness and abundance of the Universe. We need to get in touch with our higher and spiritual self in order to connect to crystals and awaken to their healing powers. The crystals themselves can help us to do this.

Working With Subtle Energy

Life is a vibration. All of our vibrations are constantly interacting with one another, connecting all life. Once we become aware of this subtle energy we can learn to protect ourselves from bad vibrations and learn to connect good vibrations to us. It is only when life-giving white light flows through us, connecting us to the universal life force that we are alive and in perfect health. When this light energy becomes blocked, disharmony is caused between the body, mind and soul and a state of disharmony or dis-ease follows.

Man has seven bodies, each emitting radiant energy of beautiful colour vibrations. Unfortunately, due to the restriction of our five senses, most people are only aware of their physical form. In order for us to be in perfect health, a balance between all bodies needs to be created and maintained. We also need to become aware of our subtle bodies that are linked by the ever-changing movement of electro-magnetic forces.

The Subtle Bodies Of Man

All matter is constantly exchanging different vibrations and wavelengths, it all interacts. Just as the ozone layer protects the earth, the aura forms an oval envelope around the physical body and is our greatest protection. If disharmony of either a physical or spiritual nature occurs. the aura becomes de-energized and weak. These harmful emanations may cause mental or emotional imbalances or eventually become physical illness.

It is through the etheric body that crystal healing works, for it is in the etheric body that problems show up before they manifest as dis-ease in the physical form. Crystal energy can disperse the blocked energy on the etheric level, thus restoring balance and a harmonious flow of life force energy once more.

Working With Crystals

When we are working with crystals we are working with pure electro-magnetic light energy. These vibrations penetrate our whole being, body, mind and spirit. The crystals will start to move and clear blocked energy in our systems.

Crystal Treatments

Crystal healing treatments realign the body’s energy fields, opening up the chakras to promote an overall feeling of well-being. The crystals which are placed around the body set up specific and complex electro-magnetic force fields. This energy acts to re-polarise any fields that are misaligned, redistributing the correct energies to restore harmony and balance to both the physical and subtle bodies.