Communicating With Angels

Communicating With Angels


“Angels speak to those who silence their minds long enough to hear”. ~Proverb~

Many people have questions about communicating with their angels.

The Angels are here to comfort, guide and support you. They are not here to tell you what to do, how to act, or who to be. They are not here to judge you. They are here to remind you that you have their unconditional love and support, at all times, no matter what ‘mistakes’ or ‘problems’ you believe you have created for yourselves. They remind you that everything happens for a reason, even if you aren’t aware of that reason at the time.

The first thing to remember when working with the angels is that in order for the Angels to work with you, you have to ASK for their help. People don’t realize that asking for help from the Angels is as easy as thinking the thought or saying the words, ‘Angels, I need your help!’. The Angels want you to be happy, and they support you in creating that happiness in your lives! Most of the time, the reason you don’t ask for help from the spirit world is because you forget, you forget that you have this unconditional love and support surrounding you. The Angels are always there, waiting and willing to help!

Once you have asked the Angels for help, you need to pay attention to the guidance you receive. Awareness is the key! The spirit world is talking to you all of the time, and it is your job to listen. The Angels talk to you through license plates, repeated songs on the radio, ‘gut’ feelings, Divine Timing situations, and through other people. Some people call it synchronicity or coincidence. If you truly believe that everything happens for a reason, there can be no coincidence; this is your Divine Guidance talking to you. When you listen to your messages, your life flows. Things just seem to fall into place. When you aren’t listening to your guidance, you often feel like you are hitting your head against a wall, that nothing you do is working right and oftentimes it makes you cry aloud, HELP! Then, you listen! Most of the time!

In order to connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides, you need to be aware of everything around you. It takes practice to tune in and listen to what is not being said. There are many exercises to help you develop your awareness of spirit in your daily lives. You collect all kinds of tools to help listen to your intuition and to pay attention to your guidance. Some useful tools are Angel Card Readings, Crystals, Automatic Writing, Reiki or Energy Healing, Manifestation and Intention, and Meditation. Remember, the Angels are talking, are you listening?



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