Colour Meditation

Colour Meditation

“Time creates history. Meditation creates the moment.”
~Ma Java Sati Bhagavati~

Colour can be used to focus and still the mind for meditation. The Tibetans used a mandala, which is a creation of harmonious shapes, symbols and colours on which one can contemplate. Meditation is a wonder tool for stilling the chatterbox mind, concerned with daily activity and gives you the opportunity of looking and listening to your higher mind. For we all have inner wisdom and the knowledge we need for our time on earth. It is just that we seldom communicate with our inner soul, which will guide and protect us in all that we need to know and do.

The following meditation is wonderful to do each morning connecting you to all the coloured rays, but you can develop your own meditation concentrating on a single or several colours.

Work with visualizations in colour when you wish to relax, visualize a peaceful scene, perhaps the woods and a stream, in as much colour detail as possible. Visualize sunrises and sunsets, for practicing visualizing in colour in your mind helps strengthen your subconscious attunement to colour.

You can also inhale each colour in turn, starting with red. Fill your diaphragm with air while focusing on the colour and slowly exhale sending the colour throughout your body. Breath in each colour three or four times, resting in between colours to not how the colour affects you.

Colour Breathing For Health

  1. Make sure you are in a quiet contemplative state of mind.
  2. Breathe in the colour you desire. Magnetic colours draw in from the earth up through your feet. Electrical colours draw down through your crown chakra. Draw in green horizontally through your heart chakra.
  3. Do this three times.
  4. Send the colour to the area you wish to heal. Imagine it working on that area i.e. bringing relief from pain, healing the cells and the tissues.
  5. Breathe out the colour into the space around you.
  6. Offer thanks for all that you have received.
  7. Breathe normally and repeat the whole process several times a day.

You can do this imagining any colour you choose. Image the coloured ray pouring into your, reaching to your fingertips, up your arms and into your solar-plexus and circulating around the body.

Remember that colour has wave lengths which affect living tissue. It is through the etheric body that you can influence your own physical body. In order to influence the hardware of the body, we need to change the software of the mind.

In order to do this we must visualize what we want and not what we do not want. Visualize the desired blueprint across to the etheric body. Since thought has a vibration, we must think what we want, as well as visualize it strongly. Vague thoughts never accomplish anything?

You need to programme your blue-rint regularly, as well as consistently. Do it daily until results begin to show, indicating the message has got through. No two people are the same in their requirements; this is an individual programme. So experiment with different colours and see how they work for you.

PINKUse pink for love and to promote self-love. Also for tired and aching muscles, wrinkles, puffiness.

PURPLE: Cleanses both physical and emotional disturbances. Purifies the system.

SPRING GREEN: To eliminate bad habits and acquire new ones. Purifies the blood and is good for circulation problems.

GRASS GREEN: For success and to attract wealth, only for your highest good and not for egotistical reasons.

APRICOT/PEACH:  Removes pain, but does not cure it. Also good for releasing constrictions, especially asthma.

TURQUOISE: Relieves respiratory ailments, arthritis and excess fat when alternated with pink. Cleansing and brings freshness.

BLUE: Brings peace and calm. Soothes and heals. Good for sore throats, ears and eyes. Reduces swelling and fevers or any hot condition.


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