“You would know the secret of death.
But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life.”
~Kahlil Gibran~

How To Find Meaning In The Face Of Death

What Is A Death Doula? A Death Doula is someone who makes him or herself available to assist a dying individual and also the family before, during and after death occurs. A Death Doula generally assists in a wide range of services that can vary greatly, depending on the circumstances, but generally seeks to provide a holistic, hands-on, non-medical approach to the fundamentally natural process of dying for all parties involved — a Death Doula might offer any of the following services, among many others.

For The Dying Individual: Whether in the family’s home, hospice, hospital or some other setting, a Death Doula often provides the profound gift of companionship. Among many things, this might comprise simply holding the dying person’s hand; actively listening to his or her comments; conversing and attempting to offer answers and comfort to the individual’s questions, concerns and needs; discussing end-of-life wishes; helping the dying individual resolve and find peace about real or imagined wrongs.

For The Family Members: Whether in the family’s home, hospital, hospice or some other setting, a Death Doula often provides the gift of continuity before, during and after a death occurs. A Death Doula offers supportive communication and conversations between all family members, assisting with the creation of meaningful goodbyes during the remaining hours of life.

In addition to helping plan a client’s final moments, Death Doulas often assist the dying person create a meaningful ‘legacy project’ which is something the family will always have to remember their loved one by and to pass on to other generations.